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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Um so I restricted/had fucked up eating stuff 5 years ago for a year and a half and then I switched to cutting and have had bouts of restricting (usually a few days and on occassion since then). Ive been restricting /counting calories for the past week and idk what to call this or if its even a big deal. Its not like im underweight or have lost weight
mentalillnessmouse mentalillnessmouse Said:

Just because you aren’t underweight or haven’t lost weight doesn’t mean this isn’t a big deal. Restricting and counting calories for extended periods of time can wreak havoc on your system. Even if it isn’t a full-blown eating disorder, you seem to have disordered eating and disordered thinking. 

I strongly encourage you to talk to a professional about this to develop a more healthy way of coping with negative emotions. 

Here are some helpful resources that you may find useful:

Eating Disorders

  • Help Guide A site containing articles to help understand, help numbers,  “tool kits”, and self help. 
  • Mental Support Community A forum to talk about eating disorders and how it affects your life. 
  • Mental Help A site that has basic information, resources, articles, and a list of books that might be helpful. 
  • The addiction help center has lots of resources that explains eating disorders, their treatment and much more.
  • Kati Morton, a therapist, makes weekly videos about various aspects of living with an eating disorder and coping strategies you can use.
  • Something Fishy is a website that provides information on eating disorders and places to find treatment, as well as forums for people with eating disorders and friends/family members.

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