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Everyone does say that laughter is the best medicine. Your medications are just a supplement.

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- Run cool or warm water over your hands

- Grab tightly onto your chair as hard as you can

- Touch various objects around you: a pen, keys, your clothing, the wall…

- Dig your heels into the floor- literally “grounding” them. Notice the tension centered in your heels as you do this. Remind yourself that you are connected to the ground.

- Carry a grounding object in your pocket which you can touch when ever you feel triggered.

- Jump up and down

- Notice your body: the weight of your body in the chair; wiggle your toes in your socks; the feel of your chair against your back…

- Stretch. Roll your head around; extend your fingers…

- Clench and release your fists.

- Walk slowly; notice each footstep, saying “left” or “right”

- Eat something, describing the flavors in detail to yourself

- Focus on your breathing, notice each inhale an exhale.

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