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Everyone does say that laughter is the best medicine. Your medications are just a supplement.

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Disclaimer: we are not medical professionals- we cannot give you a diagnosis or medication advice. Please speak to a health professional for this. If you are in crisis please contact one of the hotlines on our page.

A comfort box is a great simple idea that you can try at home. A comfort box is a box which you can fill with things that relax you or calm you. Bags and backpacks can also make great portable alternatives to an actual box.

Here are some possible things a comfort box or bag could include:

  • Your favourite chocolate or candy
  • Stuffed animals or toys
  • Your favourite Books or poems
  • Colouring kits or drawing materials
  • A journal
  • Play Doh
  • Dummies
  • A soft blanket
  • Non triggering films or TV series
  • Comfort food recipes
  • Playlists of soothing music
  • Bath or shower items (bath bombs etc)
  • Scented candles
  • safety plan printable cards
  • Bubble wand
  • Ear plugs
  • Body lotions
  • Pictures of loved ones and/or pets
  • Herbal tea
  • Stress ball
  • Relaxation or meditation exercises or audios  
  • Old birthday cards
  • Friendship bracelets or recovery bracelets
  • scented handkerchiefs
  • glitter jars
  • favorite t-shirt
  • encouraging notes/letters
  • essential oils
  • money for ice cream
  • consider keeping a small food comfort box in your refrigerator/freezer

Do you have something that calms or relaxes you that you would place in a comfort box that isn’t on this list? Please feel free to leave a message in our inbox and we will update the list.

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