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Everyone does say that laughter is the best medicine. Your medications are just a supplement.

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Disclaimer: we are not medical professionals- we cannot give you a diagnosis or medication advice. Please speak to a health professional for this. If you are in crisis please contact one of the hotlines on our page.



So. I had no idea about this app until I went into my doctor and he told me about it. 


This app allows you to input the prescription you have, select your dose, and then find a place near you (or your own pharmacy) with the cheapest price. Then you click “get code/coupon/discount card,” show that to the pharmacist, and THERE YOU GO. SAVING YOU SOME CASH TO GET YOURSELF A WELL DESERVED DRINK, CANDY BAR, DATE MONEY, SEX TOY CASH, OR GO BUY YOURSELF A HAMSTER AND NAME HIM STARLORD WITH THE EXTRA MONEY

No, but in all seriousness. This app is saving my ass right now. 

I’m Trans* and have Fibromyalgia, and this is really making a difference already. I hope this helps out other people. We all know it fucking sucks to have to pay this much for the medication we need to function in life. 

this really helped me out when i didn’t have insurance. like, being able to spend only $8 on meds that normally would’ve cost me $100+ is incredible.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Sex for the first time anon: talk to your partner about it. Seriously. I'm so glad I did. Tell them what you're worried about and the signs of having a panic attack. Bad sex experiences can be scarring and confusing and it's better to err on the side of safety. If your partner cares enough about you they'll be chill. Start slow with something you're comfy with and don't force it. Let sex be a thing that happens cuz it felt right at the moment--not cuz it was scheduled and you felt you had to.
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I'm going to have sex for the first time really soon and I'm worried about having a panic attack. Do you have any tips? Please reply as soon as possible :(
mentalillnessmouse mentalillnessmouse Said:

That seems like a horrible position to be in. :( Since you didn’t provide very many details, all I can think of to say it that if you’re so worried over sex that a panic attack is a possibility, than perhaps you shouldn’t have sex right now. Sex should not be anxiety inducing.

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On days when all you want is to lay around and do nothing, eat one meal with two components, drink a full glass of something, and get one thing accomplished. Even if this is eating a sandwich and a candy bar, drinking a glass of soda, and taking a shower or moving clothes from the floor to the…

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Hi, I run a blog called mental-health-advice. We help with every mental health related issues like self harm, eating disorders or relationship, gender and sexuality issues. We created a live chat and have dozens of pages. It would really really mean the world to us if you could follow/post this for your followers, so we can help even more people. But, make sure that if you do follow, it is on mental-health-advice rather than this (my admin blog) Thanks in advance, Dani :)
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Hello, Mice!

Check out this awesome blog!


Asker Anonymous Asks:
College starts next month and I'm going to be classmates with this guy who used me knowing about my struggle with my mental illness to get into my past. It's been 3 months and I'm so scared that my progress will all go down the drain after I see him. I don't think I'm ready. I'm so scared, what should I do? And I'm so scared for college because my friends are all in different schools. (P.S. 3rd time sending this ask already)
mentalillnessmouse mentalillnessmouse Said:

Hi anon! I’m really sorry you’re in this situation :( I’m glad you can recognize and accept that you may not be ready for something. My suggestion would be to switch out of the class or classes you have with him, if at all possible. If you feel comfortable, an advisor from your school should be able to listen to your story and try to help out. If you’re still concerned about living on campus with him or seeing him around, I would write down a list of contacts/ things you could do to help yourself. For example, if you see him on campus and start to feel anxous etc you could look at your list and maybe call or text a friend/ family memeber/ confidant to talk to. I know it’s scary to not be around your friends but distance doesn’t have to end relationships!
Hope this helps some!


We just reached 9,000 followers! This is absolutely incredible, thank you guys soooo much!!!
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[Image: 18- piece green background with common house mouse. Top text: “Finally” Bottom Text: “Feeling Better”.]
Just thought I’d give you all some good news :) Not healed or anything, but doing a lot better. I think I deserve it, too!

[Image: 18- piece green background with common house mouse. Top text: “Finally” Bottom Text: “Feeling Better”.]

Just thought I’d give you all some good news :)
Not healed or anything, but doing a lot better. I think I deserve it, too!

[Image: 18- piece green background with common house mouse. Top text: “Struggle with mental illnesses, unable to help friend in a crisis”, Bottom Text: “INTENSE GUILT”]

[Image: 18- piece green background with common house mouse. Top text: “Struggle with mental illnesses, unable to help friend in a crisis”, Bottom Text: “INTENSE GUILT”]

Asker Anonymous Asks:
For the DSM anon, if you live near a university/college with a psych department, you might be able to go into their library and look at a DSM. Some public libraries have them in the reference section as well. You probably won't be able to check it out of the library, but you could look at it and see if it's what you're looking for/if you like it. :)
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For that anon! There are also scans on the Internet I’m sure, if you poke around enough


Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do you know if the DSM is too technical or too hard to understand for someone who isn't studying psychology? I wanted to buy it because it sounds interesting but I'm still not sure how it's supposed to be inside
mentalillnessmouse mentalillnessmouse Said:

I definitely don’t think it’s too technical for an untrained person, it’s honestly not that complicated at all. However, I think there are much more interesting things you could spend that much money on! Still, more power to you


Asker Anonymous Asks:
another v helpful support blog is chooserecovery, and while the ask is only open at set times (due to being understaffed and having a HUGE audience), the team members all have different experiences and can help with much more than just depression and anxiety c:
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
do you guys know of any other blogs like this one, but that focus more on psychosis, paranoia, and derealization rather than mostly depression/anxiety?
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Hi Anon,

Check out these links from our Helpful Resources page!

Like the posts here on mentalillnessmouse, posts on these other tumblrs may be triggering, so peruse and enjoy at your own risk. 

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—It’s not easy, but your triggers will not always control you. You can do this. I believe in you!

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